"Satan's Army Exposed"
If you would like to have these
powerful & inspired power point
messages presented at your church.
Contact Evangelist John Denson
P. O. Box 951    Supply, NC
(910) 874-0723
e-mail: john@johndenson.net.
For one or more of these lessons
#1 Satan's Army Explained
# 2 Armor of God part 1
# 3 Armor of God part 2
# 4 Breaking Strongholds
# 5 Set Free From Oppression
Evangelist John Denson
to schedule your churches
Spiritual Warfare Conference

Evangelist John Denson
will explain how Satan and his
army of demons can use
members of your church to
tear it apart.  Your church will
be taught how to walk from
victory to victory.  Call to
schedule one, two, three, four
or even all five of these
anointed teachings to be
taught at your local church.
Newport News VA Conference held Jan 17-20 2014
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these powerful
power points and
how Satan works
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your family