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# 1; How Satan and his army of Demons work
# 2; Putting on the whole armor of God part 1
# 3; Breaking Generational, and Word Curses
# 4; Breaking strongholds and being set free
# 5; Being set free from worrying and anxiety

Over 200 different scriptures and lots of pictures on these powerpoints.
You probable want to take notes because of the amount of area covered.
Your church will be taught how Satan and his demons work against them
and their families.  They will be explained the whole armor of God in a very
detailed way and how it relates to their lives.  In debt explanation of what a
strongholds are, where they comes from, and how to get rid of them.  The
last teaching is on being set free from worry, anxiety, bitterness, back bitting,
and bitterness.  This teaching is for all churches.  All teaching relate to being
set free.  This is a deliverance ministry.  Call Evangelist John Denson today
to schedule your life changing conference.
Spiritual Warfare Conferences
Hello, my name is Apostle John Denson. I have spent 100s of
hours preparing these power points on spiritual warfare.  I  have
spent a lot of time studying, praying, fasting, and  I have read
multiple books on this subject.  These are life changing teaching
that are important for every believer.  Pray about having me to
come to your church to teach your spiritual warfare conference.
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power points and
how Satan works
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