Abortion is Mass Murder
If you have an abortion you do much more than kill one baby.  If my
daddy's, mother's, mother would of had and abortion with my
grandmother look what would of happened.  My grandmother
would of not been born.  My daddy nor his four sisters would of
been born.   My two sisters, my brother nor I would of been born.  
Our fifteen cousins would not have been born.  Many of us have
children and grandchildren.  You are talking over one hundred
people that would of never been born that were born. My two
children and three grandchildren would of never been born.
If Sarah would had decided to abort Isaac then there wouldn't be a
Jewish race today.  Millions and millions would of never been born.  
She would of been a mass murderer killing many generations.
© 2009
If you have an abortion
you are a serial killer.  
You kill many generations.
If you have ever had an abortion then you can be forgiven.  The problem
is that most ladies never forgive themselves.  If God forgave you then it's
under the blood, but you must forgive yourself.  The next time the devil
reminds you of your past remind him of his and his future.  Satan and his
1/3 of the angel were walking around the throne of God praising Him in
song and dance.  They got kicked out of heaven and they will burn in the
lake of fire for ever and ever.  If you are saved then you will walk the
streets of gold.  Don't let the devil play his mind games in your head.